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Of the cultural institutions in the municipality of Kostajnica, there is Public Library "Nevenka Stanisavljević"

Public Library "Nevenka Stanisavljević"
The public institution library "Nevenka Stanisavljević" in Kostajnica was founded in 1955. Since 1962, it has become a separate branch of the library "Kazimir Ćurak" from Bosanski Novi. The Municipal Assembly of Srpska Kostajnica passed on May 11, 1995, decision on the establishment of the library and the one from June 21, 1995, operates as an independent institution.

It has a fund of about 25,000 books, divided into three departments: Information and Lending Department for Adults, Children's Department and the Department of Native Collections and Special Collections / Legacies. There are 3 sections within the library, as follows:

- "Mala pričaona" (kids department) launched on February 15, 1996.
- Theater Studio "M.A.S.K.E.", launched on October 15th, 2010.
- The Club of Native Poets and the Club of Book Lovers launched in 2014.

The library independently organizes numerous literary meetings, book promotions, theater performances, exhibitions, forums, and is the organizer of the traditional event "Library Days" and is an active participant in all cultural events in the municipality of Kostajnica. The library is a member of the Association of Librarians of the Republic of Srpska. For his creative work and contribution to the development of the library profession, the Public Library "Nevenka Stanisavljević" Kostajnica received the Charter "Đordje Pejanović" for the best library of the Republic of Srpska in 2007.

Cultural and artistic ensemble "Potkozarje" Kostajnica
Cultural and artistic ensemble "Potkozarje" Kostajnica was founded on December 17, 1978. After its founding, the ensemble had three sections: choir, folklore and the section of original singing. For a time there was an active "tamburica" (small guitar) section and old-town singing. Of special importance in the history of ensemble are their guest appearances and performances abroad, when as representatives of the former Yugoslavia they participated in the international choir singing festival in Barcelona, as well as going to Czechoslovakia in Schenkvice.