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Tourist organization of Kostajnica Municipality

About us

The Tourist organization of Kostajnica municipality was founded on March 25, 2005. by the municipality’s assembly decree in order to evolve, preserve and protect the tourist values on the grounds of the Kostajnica municipality.

It started to operate on April 11, 2006. The main tasks of the Tourist Organization of Kostajnica Municipality as the initiator of tourism development in the municipality of Kostajnica are:
• promotion of the tourist offer of the municipality of Kostajnica
• creating preconditions for valorization of tourist resources of the municipality of Kostajnica
• promotion and organization of cultural, artistic, sports and other gatherings and events that contribute to the development of the tourist offer of the municipality
• organizing actions in order to preserve the tourist sphere, improve the tourist district and protect the environment
• improvement and promotion of original values ​​(tradition, customs, ethnological treasures)
• Encouraging and organizing of activities aimed at the protection and maintenance of cultural and historical monuments, other material goods and their inclusion into the tourist offer of the municipality
• realization of the program of stay for study groups, provision of other service information and services for tourists
• cooperation and coordination with business entities performing tourism activity or other activities that are directly or indirectly related to tourism activity for the purpose of joint agreement, determination and implementation of tourism development policy and its promotion

• cooperation with associations and non-governmental organizations in the field of tourism
• cooperation with other tourist organizations in the Republic of Srpska, ie Bosnia and Herzegovina
• processing of data on the number and structure of tourists in the municipality of Kostajnica, and collection and processing of all other indicators important for monitoring the implementation of set goals and objectives
• keeping records of taxpayers of the sojourn tax in the territory of the municipality who do not pay or irregularly pay the sojourn tax
• cooperation with the authorized municipal authority in determining the working hours of catering facilities in the municipality
• mediation in the provision of services to legal and natural persons in rural households, as well as the provision of services in renting of apartments, rooms and houses
• providing and producing information and propaganda material that promotes the tourist values ​​of the municipality such as: printed publications, audio and video material, web portal, souvenirs, presentations
• participation in defining development goals and policies in the municipality of Kostajnica
• organization of exams for obtaining the title of tourist guide for tourist areas that cover the territory where inter-municipal tourist organizations are established, and
• collecting data for the purpose of informing tourists.