Kostajnica gastro offer

The gastronomic offer of the Kostajnica region consists of traditional dishes characteristic of the Potkozarje area: "uštipci" (donuts), "pogača" (bread), "cicvara" (dish made of corn flour and sour cream), "kukuruza" (bread made of corn flower), "žganjci" (dish made of cooked corn grits or corn flour), pies, and smoked meat (sausages, bacon). Popular dishes include ćevapi, lamb and roast pork, which is an indispensable part of every celebration. Of the traditional drinks, the most common is "rakija" homemade brandy from plums, apples and pears.

The most famous autumn delicacy characteristic of Kostajnica is roasted and boiled chestnuts. All you have to do is walk to Balj forest, pick chestnuts and then roast or cook them at home.