Calendar of manifestations

“Christmas celebration” 06th– 07th of January Kostajnica Celebrating Christams in the church temple of the Holy Trinity, with the traditional burning of the Yule log, “pijukanje” (children collecting candies and money from the straw placed on the floor of the church) and “uranak” (church service held at midnight). Religious


Serbian Orthodox church parish Kostajnica

"Kids singing songs"  January Kostajnica

(big cinema hall)

Singing and musical festival, school children contest for kids from Kostajnica and other nearby municipalities, where they can perform their musical skills Music festival


Radio Kostajnica

"Ojkača night" February Kostajnica

(big cinema hall)

A cultural and artistic event in which traditional singing is preformed by the different groups which compete in that type of singing called "Ojkača". Cultural - artistic


Cultural and artistic ensemble "Potkozarje" Kostajnica

"Kostajnica municipality Day" 2nd of April Kostajnica Anniversary day when the Kostajnica municipality was formed, accompanied by cultural, entertainment and sports events. Anniversary day


Kostajnica Municipality

"Djurdjevdan´s Eve" 5th of May Petrinja

(near watermill Pepinovac)


Citizens of Petrinja village

„The best arranged backyard and balcony” June Kostajnica This competition is organised to chose the three best arranged backyards and balconies in Kostajnica. Competition


Tourist organization of Kostajnica municipality

„Duhovi - Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles” On the day of this religious holiday Kostajnica Traditional “zbor” (a gathering of people, similar to a fair) and the celebration of the municiplaity’s Slava (a religious holiday in which every family, or any household, has its saint patron an therefore, celebrates it), accompanied by cultural, entertainment and sports events.


Traditional gathering and celebration of the Kostajnica municipality Saint patron


Kostajnica Municipality

"International motorbike gathering - Motorijada" June Kostajnica A three-day sports and recreational event which gathers motorbike fans from our country and from abroad. Except for the competition in several motorbike disciplines and the parade in the streets of Kostajnica, visitors can also enjoy in different musical and entertaining events. Entertainment and competiton




Moto club "Duhovi" Kostajnica

"Baby conference" End of June Kostajnica A fun and competitive event which includes the gathering of the babies of Kostajnica. During the one-hour gathering with songs, games and interesting competitions, the Presidency of the so called Baby conference is elected. Entertainment and competiton


Municipality of Kostajnica, Kids club "Kestenko" and Tourist organization of the Kostajnica municipality

"Fishing with a hook and a float" End of June Grdanovac Competition of the members of the Fishermen Association “Mrena” from Kostajnica in the sport fishing discipline called “fishing with a hook and a float” Sport and competetive


Sport Fishing Society „Mrena”, Kostajnica

"Footbal Summer league" July Kostajnica This event includes a sports competition of amateur teams from Kostajnica and neighboring municipalties in the following categories: Pioneers, juniors and seniors. It lasts for a month. Sport and competetive


Football club "Partizan" Kostajnica

"Burning a dry birch regarding to Saint Peter" 11th of July Pobrđani and Tavija A traditional event that includes a selection of the most beautiful dried birch and torch made from cherry bark and burning them later.




Tourist organization of the Kostajnica municipality, citizens of Pobrđani and Tavija villages

"Anniversary of the formation of the Balj´s Troop" (Baljska četa) Last weekend in August Kostajnica

(Comand of Balj´s Troop)

Commemoration of the formation of the legendary Baljska četa which was formed in 1942. Anniversary day


National Liberation War Veterans Association of the Kostajnica municipality

"Dog Show" September Tavija Presentation and evaluation of dogs of all kinds.




Kennel Club from Kostajnica

"Kestenijada - Fest of chestnut" Middle of October Kostajnica The Kestenijada event has been taking place in Kostajnica ever since 1998. The program of the event encompasses numerous different activities such as: Ethno exhibition of women's handmade works, ethno exhibition of women' handmade works, elementary school student's art exhibition on the topic of chestnut, folklore dancing and singing groups perfomance, sales expo of souvenirs, fruit and honey, contest of preparing local cuisine campfire pot stew, degustation of Kostajnica's traditional dishes and roasting and degustation of chestnut in the town's streets. Tourist, cultural and economical manifestation







Tourist organization of Kostajnica municipality