Fishing in Kostajnica

The abundance of fish in the river Una gives an opportunity for the development of sport fishing. In its lowland parts in Kostajnica, Una is calm, peaceful, transparent and clean, but most of all it is full of tuff, which makes it suitable for different fishing disciplines such as „fishing with a hook and a float”, „at the bottom (grunt)“ and „varaličarenje” (fishing with an artificial bait). The most common fish species in this part of the Una river are: barbel, danube roach, bream, chub, ide, burbot, nase carp, carp, „amur”, perch, „zekica“, and salmonid: catfish, pikeperch, pike, asp and huchen. The caught specimens of a 22 kg huchen, 47 kg wels catfish and 8 kg grass carp are definitely a stimulus for all fishing fans to try their luck in the Kostajnica fishing grounds.

The Sport Fishing Society „Mrena” acts on the territory of Kostajnica. This association was founded in September 1998, when a group of enthusiasts and nature lovers held its founding assambley. Office of the Sport Fishing Society „Mrena” is located in a fisherman' house, which was built at the beach „Plandište”. Traditionally, every year at the end of June, the Society organizes a fishing competition called „Fishing with a hook and a float” on the river Una, in all categories.

Sport Fishing Society „Mrena”, Kostajnica
Ivana Gorana Kovačića Street, 79224 Kostajnica
📞 00387 (0) 65 586 199 и 00387 (0) 65 843 669