Hunting in Kostajnica

The first hunting society in the Kostajnica municipality was founded in 1947. Today, it works under the name Hunting Society „Balj”. The hunting economy covers 8500 acres of land, from which 8089 haare hunting ground and 479 ha are non-hunting. The type of hunting ground is hilly lowland with the altitude from 104 to 420 m. The most common types of game animals are: roe, rabbit, pheasant, partridge and wild duck.

Except for hunting, the Society also carries out activities such as breeding, protection and maintenance of the existing game animals, and also the building and fixing of hunting houses, „čeke” (tall wooden objects used for animal observation and surveillance), feeding places and „solila” (feeding places where salt is left for animals to eat it). The Society is in the possession of the following buildings: the Hunting Home in the city center and three hunting houses (in Mrakodol, Kalenderi and „Zastava”-forest Balj). The construction of a new hunting lodge „Vučjak“ is underway in Gornja Slabinja, with an area of 260 m2.

Hunting Society „Balj”, Kostajnica
Kralj Petar I Oslobodilac Square, 79224 Kostajnica
📞 00387 (0) 52 665 083