Balj forest the hat of Kostajnica

The Balj forest covers 766 hectares above Kostajnica. This area is dominated by tall beech forests, tall beech and sessile oak forests, high sessile oak and beech forests (with oak) and coppice chestnut forests (CASTANEA SATIVA). The tame chestnut, which is specific to the Kostajnica area in this part, covers an area of ​​206 hectares. Roasted chestnut is a delicious autumn treat. Chestnut fruit contains magnesium, vitamins A, B and C, iron, calcium and plant fibers. It is great for children, athletes, the elderly, or anyone who is exposed to difficult physical labor. In addition to chestnuts in the Balj forest, you can find other forest fruits while enjoying a walk through the forest landscape.

In this area there are two areas of high protection value forest: high protection forest area of ​​1 hectare which is allocated due to a regulated source of drinking water and high protection value forest area of ​​0.15 hectares allocated due to the old Orthodox cemetery.