Religious objects

Orthodox Church Hram Svete Trojice
The Orthodox Church Temple of the Holy Trinity is located in Kostajnica, in Ranko Šipka’s Street. The first Serbian Orthodox Church Sveta Trojica was built in 1886. The church was razed to the ground in 1941 during World War II. A new church was built on the foundations of the destroyed one which was consecrated in 1976. The way the church looks today, i.e. the façade and two smaller domes were added in 2008. Every year, 50 days after Easter, Hram SveteTrojice celebrates its patron saint „Duhovi-Silazak Svetog Duha na apostole (The descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles)”.

Mosque Azizija
The mosque Azizija is in Svetosavska Street in Kostajnica, in the part of the city known as Užice. It was built in 1862 in the time of Turkish Empire by sultan Abdul Aziz. It was demolished in 1992 during the war ina Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was rebuilt and reopened in 2008. Azizija is the biggest mosque in Republic of Srpska. It has a total are of 850 m2 and two floors, which is a rarity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It consists of an attached entrance part which has 3 glass domes, a prayer room (namazhana) and minaret which is 39 meters high.

Orthodox Church Hram Svetog Cara Lazara
The Orthodox Church of the Holy King Lazar is located in the village of Mrakodol. The first church was surrounded by wicker overnight by the villagers on the eve of Vidovdan in 1895, and they built it in honor and glory of King Lazar and the martyrs who accompanied him to battle in Kosovo. Thanks to the efforts of the inhabitants of Mrakodol, the small dilapidated wicker church was rebuilt and built with stone. It performed its religious role until 1941, when it was demolished by the Croatian Ustashas. The restoration of the church began in 2002, and it was consecrated on August 31, 2003.

Orthodox Church Hram Svetog Vasilija Ostroškog
The Orthodox Church temple of the Saint Vasilije of Ostrog is located in Kostajnica at the city cemetery „Čekinovac”. The construction of the temple began in 2009 and was completed in 2017.