This area has been known for its chestnut forest since ancient times, and according to some theories, Kostajnica was named after the chestnut tree. In addition to its noble fruit, which delights our residents every autumn when the smell of roasted chestnuts spreads through the streets of Kostajnica, there is also its majesty and the widely known Kostajnica chestnut honey. Thanks to the chestnut forest, Kostajnica has this authentic product that is recognizable by its dark color, specific pungent odor and high quality. The specialty of this honey, which is sought after and appreciated on the market, lies in the time of chestnut blossom flowering, since in that period there are no other significant plant species that would distract valuable bees. Chestnut honey is extremely healthy due to the high percentage of pollen grains, and it is also rich in minerals and vitamins.

In the Kostajnica area, where the forests of tame chestnut are spread, it is necessary to say in beekeeping terminology that chestnut pasture is one of the most abundant, and Kostajnica chestnut honey is an extremely sought-after product. The Association of Beekeepers "Kesten", which was registered in 2002, operates in the municipality of Kostajnica. The association has about twenty members, and in its work it strives to promote beekeeping, introduce the population to the importance of bee products in the daily diet and encourage them to start working in this branch of agriculture. The members of the society own about 1,800 bee societies, and according to estimates, that number rises to 2,500 bee societies. In addition to honey, beekeepers collect and produce the following bee products: pollen, propolis, wax, royal jelly and bee swarms. In an average birth year, a honey yield of 15-25 kg can be expected per bee colony, and half of that amount is mostly chestnut, and the other half is acacia honey.


 - visit to the beekeeper

- brief introduction to the basics of beekeeping and honey production

- presentation of honey and other honey products

- tasting of chestnut honey from Kostajnica

Beekeeping "N&P Vujanovic"
The Vujanović family from Kostajnica has their own stationed apiary and are engaged in beekeeping. In addition to acacia and meadow honey, they also produce chestnut honey, with which they win numerous medals. In addition to honey, they offer other bee products: propolis, royal jelly, pollen, honeycombs in honey, nuts in honey, honey with nettle seeds, calendula cream, proprolis cream, calendula oil, liqueur based on cherry, cherry, pomegranate and thorns, Medovača, Propoliska, Nettle syrup, Imunomed to strengthen immunity, Bronchosyrup from own honey and white pine extract from the mountain Plješevica and Cream honey with hazelnuts.

Beekeeping "N&P Vujanovic"
Kozarska Street 4, 79224 Kostajnica
📞 +387 65 776 309, +387 52 663 756