The fishing area of ​​the sports and fishing association "Mrena" Kostajnica is the river Una, which is also the state border with the Republic of Croatia, directly on from the right bank from the border with the municipality of Novi Grad (downstream from Dobrljin - and Đurića jarak) to the border with Kozarska Dubica and to the settlement of Babinac where the river Vučijak flows into the river Una. In this part of its plain flow, the tiver Una is mild, calm, transparent and clean, but extremely travertine and thus suitable for the fishing disciplines "fishing with a float hook", "at the bottom (land)" and "cheating discipline". The most common species of fish in this part of the Una River are: barbel, roach, bream, chub, hedgehog, burbot, nase, carp, grass carp, perch and bunny, and salmonids: catfish, perch, pike, pumpkin and juvenile .


  • When fishing with a float hook, all types of cypyrid fish may use one rod with one hook, and exceptionally two hooks may be used if fishing with natural or artificial grass, provided that the hook on the upper hook must be cut off.
  • with two rods with two hooks each, fishing for cypyrid species of fish at the bottom (grunt) is allowed
  • with three rods with one hook each, carp, catfish, pike and perch are allowed
  • fishing is done with fishing gear, so that the angler can use a maximum of three rods with one hook, except for artificial lure-lure can have more than one hook, and a maximum of two
  • fishing of salmonid species: grayling and trout is allowed only on artificial means such as artificial flies, decoys of metal, rubber, mother of pearl and similar materials
  • if the fishing is done with an artificial fly, there may be a maximum of three flies on the rod
  • when fishing it is allowed to use: fish net (sak), fish guard net and hook.


HUCHEN from 1st of February until 31st of August 100 cm 1 piece yearly
COMMON TROUT from 1st of October until 31st of March 25 cm
GRAYLING from 1st of February until 31st of May 30 cm  


daily 5 pieces

BURBOT from 1st of December until 1st of March 25 cm
CARP from 15th of April until 31st of May 30 cm
CATFISH from 1st of May until 15th of June 60 cm
PIKEPERCH from 1st of April until 31st of May 30 cm
PIKE from 1st of February until 31st of March 40 cm
ASP from 1st of April until 31st of May 30 cm
NASE CARP from 1st of April until 31st of May 25 cm
BARBEL from 1st of May until 15th of June 30 cm
DANUBE ROACH from 15th of April until 31st of May 25 cm
CHUB from 15th of April until 31st of May 25 cm daily10 pieces
DREAM from 15th of April until 31st of May 25 cm
IDE from 15th of April until 15th of June 25 cm
ASP from 1st of April until 31st of May 30 cm

Price for fishing licence
shing license

Yearly licence

- sport fishermen aged 18 to 65 paying 90,00 BAM
- sport fishermen aged 14 to 18 and over 65, and women sport fishermen: 45,00 BAM
- sport fishermen up to 14 years of age who want to buy a permit: 30,00 BAM (children under 14 years of age in accordance with Article 35 paragraph 4 of the Republic of Srpska Fisheries Law may engage in sport fishing without a permit only in the presence of an adult with a permit).

MONTHLY LICENSE (for BiH citizens and foreign citizens): 70,00 BAM

WEEKLY LICENSE (for BiH citizens and foreign citizens): 50,00 BAM

DAILY LICENSE (for citizens of BiH and foreign citizens): 20,00 BAM


Foreign and domestic tourists, then fishermen from the FBiH, who want to fish in the fishing area of SRU "Mrena" Kostajnica, in addition to buying the appropriate fishing license can get at the disposal of the association escort and boat, without fishing equipment.


  • fishing on the river Una from the iron bridge in Grdanovac village
  • on the river Una from the peak of the city islands downstream to the place where the river Tavija flows into the Una, part of the disputed border territory which is currently under the jurisdiction of the police of the Republic of Croatia (Border crossing Kostajnica)
  • to fish without a valid fishing license
  • catch more fish than the daily allowable catch
  • fishing at the time of spawning and hunting
  • fishing directly by hand and pulling, or hooking the body hook-grabbing
  • salmonid fish species at night (from dusk to dawn)
  • below the minimum lengths and above the permitted daily maximum catch
  • harpoon, oysters, underwater rifle, explosives, firearms, electric current (electric fishing), artificial light source, chemical and other means that kill, poison or stun them, nets, baskets and other prohibited or prohibited means.

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