Rivulet Strigova, oasis of peace

Rivulet Strigova rises in a village called Strigova, from the rivulet Kriva Rijeka, and it flows into river Una in Mrakodol. It is a hill rivulet which has several cascades in its upper and middle course,while in the lower course there are whirlpools several meters deep.The tributaries of the rivulet Strigova are rivulet Mekinja on its left, and the streams Studena, Risojevića jarak, Paleški, Cvikića and Pilipovića jarak on its right. Rivulet Strigova is specific for its unique phenomenon which happens every year at the beginning of April. This phenomenon is the hatching of whiting, which swims in large number from rivers Sana and Sava into river Una, and then 2km upstream into Strigova in order to hatch in its riverbed. They stay there for about ten days and then return to rivers Sava and Sana through Una, while some of them remain in the river Una. Thanks to this phenomenon it is the only natural hatching place in this region. Except for this type of fish, rivulet Strigova is also a hatching place for fish “mladica” and chub.